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$1 · miscellaneous water cooling extras

I have some miscellaneous water cooling extras that I don't need any more. I did some maintenance and upgraded some parts. They are clean, no red dye was used (but you should clean them before installing them in your system anyways) here is the list of what I am selling: Prices marked. (QTY: 01) XSPC black chrome 4 way manifold adapter $12/each (QTY: 02) koolance adt-xut4 chrome 4 way adapter $10/each (QTY: 01) bitspower black 3 way manifold adapter $12/each (QTY: 05) koolance chrome 5 way manifold adapter $8/each (QTY: 01) bitspower black chrome valve $15/each (QTY: 01) chrome pressure release valve $8/each (QTY: 02) 11-12mm black plastic clamps $0.25/each (QTY: 01) 12mm metal chrome clamps $0.30/each (QTY: 01) 14mm metal chrome clamps $0.30/each (QTY: 06) 16mm metal chrome clamps $0.30/each (QTY: 04) 16mm metal chrome clamps $0.30/each (QTY: 11) 16mm metal chrome koolance clamps $0.30/each (QTY: 09) 17-19mm black plastic clamps $0.25/each (QTY: 02) 19mm black metal clamps $0.30/each (QTY: 02) 19mm black bitspower metal clamps $0.30/each (QTY: 11) 19mm koolance metal clamps $0.30/each (QTY: 04) 19mm - 21mm white plastic clamps $0.25/each (QTY: 08) 19mm - 21mm black plastic clamps $0.25/each Plugs (QTY: 01) Monsoon red silver bullet plug $4/each (QTY: 02) chrome plug $2/each (QTY: 02) nickel plug $2/each (QTY: 06) Black plug $2/each (QTY: 02) Koolance black chrome plug $3/each (QTY: 01) Bitspower matte black plug $3/each (QTY: 06) Bitspower white plug $3/each (QTY: 06) Bitspower chrome plug $3/each (QTY: 02) plastic white plug $1/each (QTY: 03) black plastic plug $1/each (QTY: 03) Primochill sysprep 15 ml - new $6/each (QTY: 01) ek cryfuel solid cloud white 650 ml ( open bottle) $8/each U.P.U./Local/Cash only/will only reserve once we confirm a time to meet, this ad has been placed in other websites ( more pictures options) if the ad is up, then it's still available. Low ballers will be ignored, ( "no better deal"), if you are doing a water cooling setup, then you know how much these parts retail, if you don't want to spend the money, then water cooling isn't for you. If interested email or call/text me

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February 15, 2021
October 30, 2022
April 28, 2023
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