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All categories Vancouver Area
jlory (47)
Black and Decker Toaster Oven thumbnail image
Black and Decker toaster oven. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:40754795
Posted:June 9, 2024
Regal bread maker - no pan or paddle thumbnail image
Regal Kitchen Pro Breadmaker. Model No. K6725. Does not include the bread pan nor paddle. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40706499
Posted:May 6, 2024
The World Guide to Model Trains. Softcover. Published in 1983 thumbnail image
guide to International Railways and Ready-to-Run Models. This softcover book was published in 1983, so it is a bit dated. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:40591959
Posted:February 25, 2024
Canadian Wings picture book- read description below thumbnail image
Book of Canadian military aircraft. This book was published in 1990, so it is a bit out of date. Primary pictures of Canadian military aircraft used ...
Ad Id:40160401
Posted:June 26, 2023
Foot Joy golf shoes thumbnail image
Missing one cleat, see pictures. Mens size 9
Ad Id:40360879
Posted:October 8, 2023
Submarines Hunter/Killers Boomers thumbnail image
This hard cover book covers the submarines used by the USA and the Soviet Union in 1990. 192 pages. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40536988
Posted:January 21, 2024
Stealth - book regarding stealth aircraft. Please read description. thumbnail image
This is an in-depth book regarding stealth aircraft and the technology behind such developments. Please note although this book is quite technical, it...
Ad Id:40485677
Posted:December 17, 2023
HP Photosmart 145 printer - please read description. LCD screen not functioning. thumbnail image
This printer was designed to print 4”x6” pictures. I’m giving this away for the following reasons. The LCD screen no longer works. It is missing the c...
Ad Id:40648882
Posted:March 31, 2024
Vintage photo enlarger thumbnail image
Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:40092781
Posted:May 21, 2023
Oven Element thumbnail image
See pictures for size. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:36834763
Posted:November 22, 2020
Three large and one small exterior wall lights thumbnail image
Four lights in total. Three large and one small light. These are exterior wall lights. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40744188
Posted:June 2, 2024
Small ceramic picture frame thumbnail image
Small ceramic picture frame. 2 1/2 inches by 3 inches. Northwest Regina pickup. No holds. Cross posted.
Ad Id:39783621
Posted:October 30, 2022
Plush chicken with suction thumbnail image
This plush chicken is around 9 inches in length and has a suction cup hanger. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40636965
Posted:March 24, 2024
Super Carriers. Naval Air Power in Action. Book published in 1990 thumbnail image
This book highlights the aircraft used by the US Navy. The book was published in 1990 so the information is somewhat outdated. 236 pages. Northwest R...
Ad Id:40526623
Posted:January 14, 2024
Ceiling light covers thumbnail image
Four ceiling light covers and some miscellaneous wire. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:39346273
Posted:January 9, 2022
Modern warships - published in 1980 thumbnail image
This illustrated guide to modern warships was published in 1980 so it is a bit dated. However, it contains a listing of the world’s warships at that p...
Ad Id:40427113
Posted:November 12, 2023
Decorative Snowman thumbnail image
Approximately 11 inches tall. Includes original box. Northwest Regina pickup only, cross posted, no holds
Ad Id:39772462
Posted:October 23, 2022
Wildlife Encyclopedia Volume 1 thumbnail image
Volume 1 of a wildlife encyclopedia set. (AAR to AMO). This book was published in 1980
Ad Id:40580841
Posted:February 18, 2024
Golf club set thumbnail image
Induces bag, Woods (1, 2, 3) and irons (6, 8, 9 and wedge) right handed, steel shafts. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40695046
Posted:April 29, 2024
Shakespeare Pro Touch fishing reel. thumbnail image
Shakespeare Pro Touch fishing reel. Northwest Regina pickup.
Ad Id:40734666
Posted:May 26, 2024
Cell phone car charger thumbnail image
This car charger is for an older cell phone. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:40000477
Posted:March 26, 2023
Two metal wire baskets thumbnail image
Two metal wire baskets - gold in colour with handles on both sides. Larger basket measures 9” in height, 7” wide and 3” deep. Smaller basket measures ...
Ad Id:39502691
Posted:April 24, 2022
Two pillow cases. thumbnail image
Two pillow cases
Ad Id:35857440
Posted:May 31, 2020
Porcelain unicorn thumbnail image
This unicorn is approximately 5” long. The end of the “horn” is broken and the left rear leg was broken off, but has been re-glued. Pickup northwest R...
Ad Id:39438869
Posted:March 13, 2022
Push golf cart thumbnail image
Older golf push cart in used condition. One bracket is broken and strap is missing it’s buckle. Northwest Regina pickup
Ad Id:37325639
Posted:April 11, 2021
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