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Charles - Pig - Pot-Bellied Farm Animal

Shelter: BC SPCA - Surrey Education & Adoption Centre Animal ID: 503245 Birthdate: December 06, 2018 - Juvenile Spayed/Neutered: Yes Male Charles and his companions are looking for a home to call their own! These pigs came into care in July 2021, overweight with overgrown hooves and mites. They have been on a weightloss program and are losing weight and gaining energy every day! Charles spent his first weeks just napping in the barn as he was too overweight to move around much, and also had weight caused blindness and deafness. He has now lost some weight and has started exploring the outdoors. He puts on a brave face, but it does take him time to get used to things and to have the confidence to venture out, but he has started to explore the yard with Inky and Timbit! We have slowly been working with the pigs to get them used to being around people, but they will need someone experienced with pigs to give them a home where they can continue to build trust and lose weight. They are up to date on hoof and tusk trims and mite treatments. Charles currently lives with Inky (ID#503242), Timbit (ID#503243) and Mama (ID#503241). Next door to this group lives Greta (ID#532121). Her previous owner rehomed her friend and she wasn't getting along with the rest of the group. She was quite depressed to have lost her friend, but has since perked up and is learning to trust and love people as well and enjoys treats and clicker training. We are looking to adopt Timbit, Mama, Inky and Charles out together. Greta could be adopted with them as well, but would need to have her own space and then possibly slowly introduced in a big space to the others. If you are interested in giving these pigs a home, please fill out an adoption application at: Please ensure that your municipality allows you to have pigs and that you have appropriate indoor and outdoor space and fencing for pigs. These pigs are very clean and currently live in a stall with outdoor access during the day. They prefer to do their business outside, but overnight they have a "litterbox" area of shavings away from their straw nest where they go when nature calls. If you have any questions, you can contact us at:

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September 9, 2021
September 9, 2021
March 8, 2022
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